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“There is no history of mankind, there are only many histories of all aspects of human life. And one of these is the history of political power. This is elevated into the history of the world.”

Karl Popper,  The Open Society and its Enemies



  • City of Lions is a personal journey through history, an attempt to record the blackened tips of a family tree, and present new perspectives from which to consider the creative and destructive forces of modern Europe.
  • When I started to investigate some of the mysteries of my bloodline, my goal was to learn as much as possible about the survivors, the victims, and the perpetrators of a violent past, whose effects still help to shape the relations, identities, and expectations of the people, and peoples, of the world.
  • These stories began with my father, a Polish-Jewish-Catholic Lwowiak who came to Ireland after World War II. He arrived with only a few photographs, and the fresh memories of the death of his family and his own exile. In 2005, I brought him home for the first time in sixty years, and began to untangle the gordian knot of a complex history.
  • City of Lions is the city of Lwów, where my father was born. The city has changed hands, and names, many times in its history. It was founded, in the 13th Century, by the Ukrainian King Danylo and named after his son Lev. Lev means Lion. Lwów is the City of Lions.

Jonathan Korowicz





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  1. I wanted to say, “Thank you”, again for liking the Cristobal Colon/Columbus blog post.

    Your blog is very well done. I have followed it.


    • Thank you very much for the kind words Michael! I am happy to think we can all learn from each other’s histories as well as our own. Keep up the good work!

  2. Dear Mr Korowicz,

    I am editing a volume of articles by the eminent emigre Polish author, Józef Mackiewicz (1902-1985), in which Professor Marek Stanisław Korowicz is mentioned. Would you be kind enough to let me have the dates of the Professor’s birth and death and the posts which he held after his defection?

    With all regards,

  3. Dear Mr Korowicz,

    I’m one of the co-authors of the Polish Encyclopaedia of International Law. We write an article concerning Professor Korowicz and we are unable to find the exact place of his death. There are no sufficient information regarding Professor Korowicz in Poland. Would you be so kind as to let me have the exact place of his death?
    I would be very grateful for your help and your assistance would be very appreciated,

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

    Marcin Kaldunski
  4. Greetings m-r Korowicz!
    Anton Pawłowski (older) was a brother of my great-grandmother Adele Pawlowski. They were born in Czernowitz (Austro-Hungary, later Romania and USSR, now Ukraine), where I live.
    If it interesting, I found in our archive documents about born of Anton Pawłowski (older) (11.06.1830), born of Anton (Eduard-Anton de Padua) Pawłowski (22.03.1857), married of Anton Pawłowski & Olga Zaklinska (05.12.1888), …
    Best wishes from Chernivtsi in Ukraine, Edward Turkiewicz

    Edward Turkiewicz
    • Dear Mr Turkiewicz!
      That is wonderful! The world is a small place. I would love to know more information about the family. If its not too much trouble. (Here’s my email: korowicz@gmail.com) Like many others, my father lost contact with most of his family during the war. A few years ago I took him back to Lviv and we visited the Pawłowski house where my father lived 1940-45.
      Allow me to wish you a happy and prosperous 2014. Greetings from Dublin to Chernivtsi from a distant cousin!
      All the best!


    • Dear Mr. Turkiewicz,
      my name is Michael and on behalf of my wife, who is a born Pawlowski I’m writing to you to get to know more about her ancestors. The mentioned Anton Pawlowski (older) seems to be her greatgreatgreat grandfather. You mentioned that you have more informations in your archive. Maybe you are interested in a closer contact and exchange of knowledge of the pawlowski family in Czernowitz and the branch in Germany
      Best wishes


  5. Dear Mr. Remmy,
    Antoni Pawłowski was my great-great-grandfather. I have some more photos. If you like I can send them to you. You can contact me at korowicz@gmail.com.
    Best regards,
    Jonathan Korowicz

  6. I read your articles with great interest. Thank you for your interest to bring this largely unknown period of Polish history to light. One can only feel awe and admiration for the countless individuals who responded to horrible events imposed upon them with such bravery, dignity and honor. Mme. Lanckorońska’ biography describes her enprisonment and that of the Lwów university faculty members.
    Love your blog. My Dad was a member of the Polish Army organized in France during WWII, and fought in the French campaign. He ended up in Scotland , where he and others remained until 1946, when they werd demobolized.

    christine kuczara
    • Thank you, Christine, for your kind words. It is indeed fascinating to follow in the footsteps of those who survived that period. I just got back from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan where I met the grandchildren of Poles deported there between 1937-1942. My father’s cousins were once among them. Incidentally, my father met Karolina Lanckorońska often as a child as she was a friend of my grandmother. My granduncle fought, like your father, with the Polish units in France until he was captured. And my father also arrived on a ship from Italy to Scotland in 1946. Wszystkiego najlepszego!

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